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MOTOYA enables innovative products to make a big impact in the Japanese market.

MOTOYA offers both Crowdfunding Support and PR & Digital Marketing Services in one place. Whether you need marketing strategy or product assistance, we can support your product launch into the Japanese Market.

Our Services

We offer a solid formula for launching a successful campaign that will help your products get recognition in the Japanese market.


We regularly monitor and evaluate all your marketing tools such as photos, videos and graphics to make sure your messages stay on target.

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We express your concepts in a way that relates to everyone, regardless of the language, giving you an advantage in the marketplace. We make sure your product is explained in a way that is understandable to the Japanese market.

Campaign Management

You will be assigned an account management team that includes digital marketing experts to  ensure you will have a successful transition to the Japanese market.

Digital Marketing

Our digital marketing team uses multiple digital marketing channels on various devices to potentially increase user traffic, therefore resulting in maximum success for your product launch.

Public Relations 

We work with passionate individuals and companies who are marketing experts. They partner with top writers to give your product launch guaranteed success.

After Service

Our clients become an integral part of our company once you decide to partner with us. We will continue to support you with a wide range of business and marketing consulting services to help you remain at top of your game.


Our Company

Motoya is focused on ensuring your company's long term business and revenue goals are met.

We Help Your First Product Launch Look Great

We go the extra mile to give our clients the most competitive advantage upon entering into the Japanese market. Not only do we assist with crowdfunding, but we also partner on your company's long term business and revenue goals.

Our Clients

Motoya helped give these products a competitive edge upon entering into the Japanese market.

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HOBOT Technology Inc.

Our Partners

We partner with the world's leading digital PR agencies & crowdfunding platforms to accelerate your global ambition.

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Since 2017 We Came So Far

We are a creative agency giving our international clients a solid market fit. Our well equipped, talented and dedicated marketing team along with crowdfunding provides you with an option that brings awesome products to the front line in the Japanese market.

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